Since the Civil War, the citizens of Macon County, Tennessee have traditionally voted Republican. In addition, voters in the county consistently opposed the Democrats even before the founding of the GOP. We can find evidence of this in the fact that before the creation of the Republican Party, Macon County citizens generally cast ballots for the Whigs in greater numbers than did Tennessee voters as a whole. See the three examples below:

In the Presidential race of 1852, Whig nominee for President Winfield Scott carried Tennessee with about 51% of the vote. However, Scott defeated Democrat Franklin Pierce in Macon County by a count of 617 (62.2%) to 374 (37.8%).

In the Tennessee Governor’s race of 1853, Democrat Andrew Johnson defeated Whig Gustavus A. Henry in a close race (63,414 to 61,162). Yet, in Macon County Henry outdistanced Johnson by a vote of 553 (61.9%) to 341 (38.1%).

In 1855, Johnson won reelection as Governor over Whig Meredith Gentry in another tight encounter (67,499 to 65,342). However, Macon County voters preferred Gentry to Johnson by a count of 540 (56%) to 424 (44%).

Sources: Bergeron, Paul H. Antebellum Politics in Tennessee. Lexington, Kentucky: University of Kentucky Press, 1982

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